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"Colleen has made such a positive impact in my son’s life over the last year. She is so down to earth and approachable which has allowed him to develop a great relationship with her. She always has words of encouragement but pairs them with practical steps to help us move towards our goals. Our whole family has benefited from all the skills and strategies she’s taught us. I went from feeling hopeless about my sons challenges to feeling empowered and optimistic. Thank you, Colleen!"

"I’ve had the pleasure of having Colleen work with, not only my oldest son, but also my youngest. When my youngest son was referred to speech therapy I just had to have Colleen work with him. Her kind heart, patience and knowledge were what brought us back. When she moved it was a hard transition to let such a wonderful therapist go. My boys both grew so much while under Colleen’s guidance and I owe deal of gratitude to her." - Jamie 

"When my son was diagnosed with autism Colleen was the first speech therapist that worked with him. He was 4yrs old then,now he's almost 8. I remember the first session,my son was screaming and kicking Ms.Coleen. She was so patient with my son. I'll never forget that day. As a mother that's the kind of person you want to work with your child. I just like the way she treats him After a while Anthony (my son) just love her. Let me just say that Ms. Colleen set that high standard for me. Being in the military ,we move so much. Now that we're in New Mexico, I am having a hard time with some of the therapist. I can't help but compare them to Ms. Colleen. I have never seen a person that has that much patience with kids. We just love her." -Exel 

"Colleen and Amy have both been absolutely amazing and we are so glad we found them! My son is already making significant progress and it's only been two months. I appreciate the patience and dedication Amy shows with every single visit."

"Colleen is an exceptional speech therapist and just overall sweet person. She worked with my son for a year on his words and pronunciation. Colleen was patient, creative and fun. My son was always excited to see her, even when he was having a bad day. She even gave me activities and games to do with him at home to help strengthen what she’d work on him with. Overall, great experience all because of Colleen."


"Colleen was my son’s first therapist! He started with her for feeding therapy & is now 5 years old with no feeding issues! We also received speech therapy with her, & she was always so amazing with him! Early intervention starting with her has been the key to so much of our son’s success! Colleen was an amazing therapist & we were sad when she relocated!" -Cortney 

"Highly recommend!! My little saw Colleen for speech and feeding therapy! Colleen is compassionate and intuitive, while being structured and thorough! My daughter absolutely loved going to therapy, and she made so much progress with both language and feeding!!"-Abbey 

"Marina is really sweet and personal with my son. I feel like she knows him well as an individual which is important for me. Very easy to schedule and make any changes. Flexible." 

"I really love working with Marina. She is an excellent speech therapist and my family adore her". 

"Therapy has been great. Always on time, my child loves her therapist, and is always eager to go. We have seen a big improvement with her speech and look forward to more growth."

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